xinco™ [ eXtensible INformation COre ]  
The Core of Information and Document Management
xinco DMS™ is a powerful Web-based Information and Document Management System (DMS) for files, text, URLs and contacts, featuring ACLs, version control, full text search and a fully web-based client.

News: xinco DMS™ 3.00.00 Milestones released!
The latest version of xinco DMS™ is available on the Demo System and for download through!

This is the initial release of the 3.X family mainly for general feedback and tests.
All the feedback is appreciated.

New features include:
  • All the functionality of the XincoExplorer is integrated in the new web application.
  • ...
xinco DMS™ 2.00.04 released!
The latest version of xinco DMS™ is available on the Demo System and for download through!
New features include:
  • one-click up- and download of complete folders (including files and subfolders)
  • localizations include: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese
  • ...
xinco DMS™ 2.00.00 released!
The latest version of xinco DMS™ is available on the Demo System and for download through!
New features include:
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance (both XincoAdmin & XincoExplorer)
  • XincoAdmin completely internationalized
  • XincoPublisher completely internationalized
  • XincoCron completely internationalized
  • internal File Repository re-designed to eliminate size limits
  • new Napkin & Substance look & feel available for XincoExplorer
  • new localizations: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
  • ...

Translators needed for xinco DMS™!!!
We are urgently looking for translators for the latest version of xinco DMS™.
Polish, Czech and Dutch have been included in previous releases and we need volunteers for translating the NEW text messages (not too many, most of it is translated already).
Also if you want to translate the software into any other language, please contact us at: info [at]
Thank Your very much!

For news and release announcements, join the community on:

  • You know exactly WHERE your important Information is stored! (Tree + Search)
  • You know WHAT this Information is about! (Meta-Data)
  • You manage WHO has access to certain Information! (Access Control Lists)
  • You know WHO is doing WHAT with your Information! (Logging)

  • You miss all of this on your File Server!? -> switch to a Document Management System (DMS)!
  • manages Documents / Files / Text / URLs / Contacts...
  • Full-Text Indexing and Search of Text, Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, ...
  • Graphical Search Query Builder
  • tree-based Folder / Data Object Hierarchy
  • native Support for organizing Multi-Language Data
  • direct preview / editing of Files, direct opening of Websites in default browser, direct opening of Contacts in default Email application
  • Massive Data Import Tool (Multiple Files + Sub-Folders)
  • Access Control Lists for Users and Groups
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance (both XincoAdmin & XincoExplorer)
  • Checkin / Checkout, Version Control and preservation of previous Revisions
  • Data Commenting / Discussion
  • XincoPublisher for accessing public data (e.g. linking from external websites, browsing)
  • periodic File Archiving to external storage volumes
  • fast and reliable MySQL or PostgreSQL database backend
  • Storage Location of Files and Search Index on different volumes to optimize use of Network Storage Devices (NAS, SAN)
  • xinco DMS™ is growing to be a feature-rich, professional DMS for managing your critical Business Information.....
Regulated Environments: Are you going to use xinco DMS™ in a regulated environment? (FDA 21 CFR part 11, ...)
Then you'll be glad to hear that xinco DMS™ Validation Packages and Validation Services are available.
For further information contact our core developer Javier Ortiz.
About xinco DMS™: xinco DMS™ has originally been developed by Alexander Manes at the University of Cooperative Education, Heidenheim, Germany (
Today, xinco DMS™ is led by Javier Ortiz who invites developers and users to code, test, translate and promote the project.
Published as Open Source Software and adopted by, xinco DMS™ will be growing to be one of the industries most advanced Information and Document Management Systems (DMS).
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