Zufriedene Benutzer aus der ganzen Welt geben uns Feedback auf blueCubs.com:
Baxter Healthcare, Puerto Rico
In einem gemeinsamen Projekt des Entwicklungsteams und Baxter Healthcare, Puerto Rico, erhielt xinco DMS wesentliche Verbesserungen um konform zur Richtlinie FDA 21 CFR/11 zu sein.
Deshalb bestätigt Baxter Quality Engineer Javier Ortiz jetzt: "xinco DMS is now deployable in regulated environments like the healthcare industry."
Sportable Scoreboards
Der Marktführer in der Anzeigentafel-Technik setzt auf "xinco InstantDMS™ Professional":
First off, I want to say you have created a wonderful document management program. ...and it should work perfectly for us.
B. McClure, Sportable Scoreboards, USA
FOKUS - Fraunhofer Institut für Offene Kommunikationssysteme
FOKUS hat xinco DMS™ als DMS-Modul in eine seiner eGovernment Lösungen integriert.
Ohio State University at Lima
Der regionale Campus der Ohio State University in Lima und das Rhodes State College betreiben xinco DMS™ als Dokumentenmanagementsystem (DMS) ihrer gemeinsamen Campus-Versammlung.
"First of all, thank you for your work !!! Your software looks good and seems to be ready to be better and better !"
motofix, Paris, France
"Today I installed Xinco and was impressed! Thank you for the great work!"
C. Schulz, Springe, Germany
"Great work! I've just finished a painless install of xinco."
Matt, New Zealand
"Third time is a charm. Tried OWL and KnowledgeTree, but kept running into issues. XINCO feels solid!! Very well done you all."
marqpdx, Portland, Oregon, USA
"Today i installed XINCO. Thank you for the great work."
yucca81, Malaysia

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